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The Putt - RBC
Escuro Studios

The Putt - RBC - Escuro Studios

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Title of Piece: The Putt
Client/Brand: RBC
Production Company: Escuro Studios
Director(s): Avery Stedman
Producer(s): Keyon Slowly, Mariya Miloshevych
Agency: Wasserman
DoP: Adam Madrzyk
Instagram Tag: @escurostudio @averystedman_ @keyonslowly @adammadrzyk
Short Synopsis: In "The Putt" by RBC, we revisit a landmark Canadian sports moment: PGA tour golfer Nick Taylor's incredible 72-foot putt, clinching his country's national open after a 69-year drought. As fans, we witness these extraordinary sporting moments in isolation, without understanding the journey that precedes them. "The Putt" endeavours to provide viewers with insight into Nick's personal odyssey leading up to his victory at the RBC Canadian Open. From his formative years as a junior golfer in Abbotsford, British Columbia, to his breakthrough win on the PGA tour, we chronicle his unwavering determination to establish himself as one of Canada’s greatest golfers.
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