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Mangata - Judeline
Partizan Entertainment

Mangata - Judeline - Partizan Entertainment

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Title of Piece: Mangata
Client/Brand: Judeline
Production Company: Partizan Entertainment
Director(s): Nono+Rodrigo
Producer(s): Sara Nix, Zico Judge, Laura Cusi,Julia Estruga
Agency: Interscope Spain
DoP: Michal Babinec
Instagram Tag: @wearepartizan @nonoandrodrigo
Short Synopsis: When Ángela (Lara Fernández) becomes possessed by her own demons, her body and mind start to manifest the symptoms of this possession. Mysterious markings appear on her skin, and she begins to encounter cobijas, enigmatic entities from Andalusian folklore, that shadow her every move. These eerie manifestations lead Ángela on a disorienting journey that blurs the lines between reality and her haunting inner experiences.
The narrative's unique structure interweaves past, present, and future timelines, creating a tapestry of events that immerses the audience in Ángela's confusion and torment. This non-linear approach intensifies the psychological horror, making viewers feel the protagonist's disorientation and anxiety as if they were experiencing it themselves.
Mangata is not just a psychological horror film; it is a tribute to the rich folklore and traditions of Andalusia, seamlessly blended with the modern sensibilities of southern Europe's new generations. The film delves deep into cultural myths, bringing them to life in a contemporary setting that resonates with today's audience.
The title of the film, "Mangata," is derived from the Swedish word meaning the path of moonlight on the sea, symbolizing a journey filled with beauty and peril. This metaphorical path illuminates Ángela's struggle, guiding her toward a dramatic and inevitable conclusion. As the story unfolds, all narrative elements converge, leading to a climactic resolution that encapsulates the full extent of Ángela's possession.
Mangata's hauntingly beautiful narrative, coupled with its deep cultural roots and psychological depth, makes it a compelling and unforgettable cinematic experience.
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