COMMERCIAL WORK (Craft: Use of Sound & Music)

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Google Pixel 8 - Mint
Le Berg

Google Pixel 8 - Mint - - Le Berg

Raw Selection

Title of Piece: Google Pixel 8 - Mint
Production Company: Le Berg
Director(s): Max Siedentopf
Producer(s): Tip Florijn van den Bos
Agency: Massive Music Berlin
Instagram Tag: @massivemusic @leberg @kemmlerkemmler @maxsiedentopf @tipvdbos
Short Synopsis: We set out to craft a timeless electronic composition that resonated with the campaign's abstract visual concept.

We focused on creating a dynamic electronic track, blending inspiration from French Electro and 80s vibes in a modern context. We incorporated lyrics that connected to the product but also accentuated the eccentric nature of the commercial.

Balancing accessibility and uniqueness was key. Our creative research explored various music genres to find the perfect inspiration. The challenge was to create a composition that was both approachable and distinctly fresh.

Our collaboration with Google Pixel Mint is an example of the fusion of creative vision and strategic execution.
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