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'360' - Object & Animal - Charli XCX JPG
'360' - Object & Animal - Charli XCX JPG
'360' - Object & Animal - Charli XCX MP4 4m:24s

'360' - Charli XCX
Object & Animal

'360' - Charli XCX - Object & Animal

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Title of Piece: '360'
Client/Brand: Charli XCX
Production Company: Object & Animal
Director(s): Aidan Zamiri
Producer(s): Alex Brinkman
DoP: Ben Carey
Instagram Tag: @m.y.l.e.s @studio__rm
Short Synopsis: ‘Internet hot girls’ storm suburbia in Charlie XCX’s music video ‘360’, with colour grade by Studio RM’s Myles Bevan. The video, which exploded online immediately after its release, features a squad of intimating style icons (Julia Fox, Hari Nef, Chloe Sevigny, Richie Shazam, and Rachel Sennott, to name a few) deliberating on who they will anoint the next “hot internet girl.” A position involving characteristics that can be difficult to discern: “It’s definitely a je ne sais quoi situation” pronounces Charli. Directed by Object and Animal’s Aidan Zamiri, the film juxtaposes everyday landscapes with fearsome glamour. This gang of gorgeous celebrities cause havoc across hospital gurneys, musty office desks and gym equipment. This playful concept is underscored by Myles’ moody, contrasting colour grade, which focuses on shadow and inky tones. Breaking up this darker palette are glossy skin shades and pops of pale blue.
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