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SKALAE - Yalla she Said - JPG
SKALAE - Yalla she Said - JPG
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Yalla she Said

SKALAE - - Yalla she Said

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Title of Piece: SKALAE
Production Company: Yalla she Said
Director(s): Marie Zechiel & I AM JOHAnNES
Producer(s): Irem Avci
DoP: Maxim Westermann
Instagram Tag: @mariezechiel @movementdirector
@yallayallashesaid @maxim.west
Short Synopsis: Movement Director Marie Zechiel partners with director I AM JOHANNES for this visual narration, which examines the resilience of humanity ́s enduring connections, that can transcend the boundaries of time and emotions. This short film pictures the ethereal world of SKALAE, which transforms the circumferences of our inner selves and the external world – illustrating the timeless and sacred bonds that thread through the very fabric of our identities.
The story of SKALAE follows an otherworldly character on their quest to embrace their innermost and ancient ties, that define their existence. Physical and emotional tensions rise in a delicate balance that leaves the viewer with the question:
„What is real and what is not?”.
Marie Zechiel's visionary fiction creates a dreamscape where the synergy of movement, fashion and cinematography becomes a visual manifesto, a declaration that within the algorithmic pulse of the future, the heartbeat of genuine human connection must endure. Through unique visuals and evocative dance and movement sequences, SKALAE becomes a timeless capsule preserving the beauty of unspoken bonds.
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