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Aaztiyen - Zetak, Badator - Zetak JPG
Aaztiyen - Zetak, Badator - Zetak JPG
Aaztiyen - Zetak, Badator - Zetak VIMEO 12m:13s

Aaztiyen - Zetak
Zetak, Badator

Aaztiyen - Zetak - Zetak, Badator

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Title of Piece: Aaztiyen
Client/Brand: Zetak
Production Company: Zetak, Badator
Director(s): Azulazul & Alfonso Riera
Producer(s): Pello Reparaz, Thomas Ibarrola
DoP: Marino Pardo
Director of Photography: Marino Pardo
Production Design: Maria Carrete
Editor: Fede Coll
Script: Azulazul & Alfonso Riera
Colour Grading: Maria Nualart
Instagram Tag: @azul.azul_____ @alfonsorieram
Sound Design: Pablo Serrano
Props Stylist: Nacho Florit
Short Synopsis: The piece is narrated and personified by our character Pello, who on his journey through the villages of the Basque Country meets two real characters who in turn have appeared in his thoughts in a magical and imaginary fictional world.
The first character he meets is Artiz, a young boy and traveler, whom Pello seems to remember something. Aritz, in his thoughts is a magical outsider who tames eagles and lives in an abandoned and ruined village, away from any built society and embracing his last days in a village that is going to be demolished to build a highway.
On the other hand we have the encounter with Itziar, an old friend of
Pello's, their interaction gives us to understand that there was something beyond friendship between them. Itziar in Pello's mind is a luminous and magical witch. This character is a healer of love, she receives guests in her forest to help them cleanse their souls broken by heartbreak.
This musical short film was shot in the Basque Country (Spain), in its forests and most magical places.
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