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Forgivness - - Abelone Films GmbH

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Title of Piece: Forgivness
Production Company: Abelone Films GmbH
Director(s): Felix Julian Koch
Producer(s): Søren Haxholm & Inga Schlüter
Agency: Abelone Films GmbH
DoP: Rory O`Grady
Instagram Tag: @abelone_films, @felixjuliankoch, @roryogrady, @panther_editor @lisa__palos, @danishmcgyver, @ingareh
Short Synopsis: The Film „Forgiveness“ shows the emotional journey of a South African man coming from a harsh background, experiencing and growing up with violence and prison. We show how you can reach personal and emotional growth through forgiveness. One example of many shot locally in the Cape Flats - a region and community often overlooked and overshadowed by the bustling beauty of Cape Town.
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