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Dea Saffica - // - Borotalco

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Title of Piece: Dea Saffica
Client/Brand: //
Production Company: Borotalco
Director(s): Stella Asia Consonni
Producer(s): Matteo Stefani
Agency: Borotalco
DoP: Alessandro Ubaldi
Director of Photography: Alessandro Ubaldi
Production Design: Giacomo Broggini
Editor: Ilaria Fusco
Visual Effects: Giorgio Ajello
Costume Design: Tiny Idols
Instagram Tag: @stellaasiaconsonni
Short Synopsis:

Visceral sisterhood, rituals and connection with nature. A love song dedicated to Brazilian goddess Yemanjá, a deity associated with the ocean, motherhood, fertility, and the moon. Depicted as a beautiful woman in blue and white and with a concealed face, Yemanjá symbolizes compassion, nurturing, and the mysteries of the subconscious. Afro-Brazilian and Italian culture meet in a modern and minimalistic key: the iconography of Yemanjá is revisited through a Renaissance painting approach. Gaia and the nymphs represent the full spectrum of womanhood, from nurturing and maternal qualities to resilience and strength.
Extra Credit 1: Jacopo Colamartino
Extra Credit 2: Matilde Composto
Extra Credit 3: Matteo Pani
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