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Psychological Helpline - Limelite - UNDP JPG
Psychological Helpline - Limelite - UNDP VIMEO 1m:56s

Psychological Helpline - UNDP

Psychological Helpline - UNDP - Limelite

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Title of Piece: Psychological Helpline
Client/Brand: UNDP
Production Company: Limelite
Director(s): Alexandr Kryshtal
Producer(s): Vlad Boyelov, Eugene Zdorovylo
Agency: Provid
DoP: Dennis Duzhnik
Director of Photography: Dennis Duzhnik
Production Design: Kseniia Nebolsina
Editor: Alexandr Kryshtal
Creative Director: Angela Osipova
Colour Grading: Alexandr Kryshtal
Costume Design: Dina Golubeva
Music Composer: Anton Malyshev
Instagram Tag: @undp @palkinshots @infantilized @johnnysideee @lettafil @roma_zavertaniy @tekknotrain69 @xusha_ne @dinagolubeva @breedjetjo @antonchernikoff @karpets_dop @anto_malyshev @karin___karin @_dashikko_ @liya._.shaman
Sound Design: Anton Malyshev
Short Synopsis: The brief narrative of the film invokes a dark reality, one defined by war sirens and imminent, destructive raids, loneliness and displacement. However the world thus conjured has a noble cause at its heart, the message of hope.

The narrative aims to remind the viewer of the invincibility of hope, and the undeniable light at the end of the tunnel. The protagonist is a woman who battles overwhelming mental and emotional demons. She is plagued by memories of violence, as the film endeavors to paint the lived reality of the innumerable Ukrainians who are dealing with the ravages of the war that has torn their homeland asunder.
Extra Credit 1: Starring - Liya Shaman
Extra Credit 2: Casting director - Karina Melnychenko
Extra Credit 3: 1AD - Eugene Shkliarevych
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