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Title of Piece: Ubisoft
Client/Brand: Ubisoft
Production Company: Big Productions
Director(s): Jean Baptiste Saurel
Producer(s): Kasia Staniaszek
Agency: Sid Lee
DoP: Agustin Claramunt
Instagram Tag: @bigprodpariq
Short Synopsis: In this ad for Ubisoft's The Crew Motorfest, we discover the getaway our four-wheeled friends dream of. The one-minute-thirty-second trailer ironically illustrates what cars dream of. The film opens with three exceptional cars stuck in traffic in Miami, where they dream of being in Hawaii. Then, they spot a poster for the Motorfest, sparking their desires for escape. The soundtrack, "The Sweet Escape" by Gwen Stefani and Akon, was chosen to create a festive atmosphere.
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