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Canal + - Super - Canal +
Big Productions

Canal + - Super - Canal + - Big Productions

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Title of Piece: Canal + - Super
Client/Brand: Canal +
Production Company: Big Productions
Director(s): Dario Fau
Producer(s): Raphael Carassic ; Kasia Staniaszek
Agency: BETC
DoP: Jeff Bierman
Instagram Tag: @bigprodparis @dario_fau
Short Synopsis: For decades, we've all been captivated by action movies starring heroes like Bruce Willis or Tom Cruise. These do-gooders have accustomed us to lines full of good intentions that often linger. To the extent that they've entered the collective unconscious and contribute to the genre's codes, like an expected norm for the audience. Yet, these lines rarely provide an essential contribution to the story's progression. They even come at inappropriate moments, right in the middle of the action. Who hasn't grown impatient watching a hero waver in the midst of an action scene? Who hasn't thought, "Just shoot already, for heaven's sake!" Sometimes, we wish they'd cut to the chase...

That's exactly what they've decided to do in this advertisement, which borrows from the conventions of thriller and action films.

The film throws us into the midst of action where getting straight to the point is necessary. Well, if only we had the time... Because our hero isn't in a feature-length film but rather in a short format... So, buckle up, there might be some turbulence ahead!
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