COMMERCIAL WORK (New Generation Award)


"Hey Son..." - Apple


Raw Selection

Title of Piece: "Hey Son..."
Client/Brand: Apple
Director(s): Steven Tralongo
Producer(s): Steven Tralongo
DoP: Andrés Garzas
Director of Photography: Andrés Garzas
Production Design: Steven Tralongo, Natalie Newquist
Editor: Steven Tralongo
Creative Director: Steven Tralongo
Script: Steven Tralongo
Copywriter: Steven Tralongo
Visual Effects: Jason Campbell
Colour Grading: Taylor Black
Costume Design: Natalie Newquist
Instagram Tag: @stralongo
Sound Design: Chase Everett
Props Stylist: Steven Tralongo
Short Synopsis: A man listens to voicemail on his iPhone. It is revealed that the voicemail is from his late father. He proceeds to save the voice mail to iCloud Drive, securing his father's voice in the trusted Apple ecosystem
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