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Title of Piece: PRO
Production Company: Colors
Director(s): Sarra Ryma
Producer(s): Julie Mathieu / Jules Dieng
DoP: Paloma PINEDA
Director of Photography: Paloma PINEDA
Production Design: Liz LACOUE-LABARTHE
Editor: Tianès Montasser
Copywriter: Charlie JAMES + Sarra RYMA
Colour Grading: Lydia Lopez
Costume Design: Nina LE DIABAT
Music Composer: Alto (guillaume l’hostis)
Instagram Tag: @charlieshe @sarraryma @julie__mathieu @dienguss @tianesm @cecilia_kotula @pinedapaloma @charlieshe @salome.rose.stein @havanja @stephanemercoyrok @nina.ld_ @flavie_terrakhol @oklizz_ @ssssolveig @everest_studio @lydia.colorist @alto__music @dizzyfae @irenedresel @lanabanana_4hs
Short Synopsis: Lou is 25 years old, queer, poly-loving, excited, curious and full of energy.
Their current job? Sex worker! Behind this title, there are many realities, which are far from the fantasy portrayed by institutions, the state and the media.

We follow Lou's day-to-day life as they deal with the whims of their clients, their own desires, their friendships and their many love affairs, and discover one of the realities of this little-known profession.
Extra Credit 1: Make up : Flavie TERRACOL
Extra Credit 2: Hair : Solène OUMEDJEKANE
Extra Credit 3: First AD : Lola BERNARD
Extra Credit 4: Line producer : Cécilia KOTULA
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