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Healing Roots
Loft Arts

Healing Roots - - Loft Arts

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Title of Piece: Healing Roots
Production Company: Loft Arts
Director(s): Niklas von Klitzing (director) Leo Stolz (co-director)
Producer(s): Niklas von Klitzing (director) Leo Stolz (co-director)
DoP: Niklas von Klitzing
Instagram Tag: @loftarts @niklas.vonklitzing @leostolz_
Sound Design: Berg & Dahl
Short Synopsis: „Healing Roots“ is an 11-minute journey into the heart of Namibia through the eyes of Hage Mukwendje,
a visual artist whose work transcends the canvas to capture the essence of identity and culture. Produced by Niklas von Klitzing (director) and Leo Stolz (co-director), this short documentary weaves together the vibrant tapestry of Namibian life and the power of creative expression. From the rural tranquility of Okalongo to the bustling streets of Katutura, the film explores Hage‘s unique artistic process and his quest to define what it means to be African, Namibian, and Ovambo in a world where art and identity are inextricably linked. „Healing Roots“ is not just a film; it‘s an invitation to explore the depths of one‘s roots and the healing power of art.
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