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Evita - Evita

Evita - Evita - Playground

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Title of Piece: Evita
Client/Brand: Evita
Production Company: Playground
Director(s): Tiago Ribeiro
Producer(s): João Abreu
Agency: Playground
DoP: Duarte Domingos
Instagram Tag: @tiago_ribeiro_ @theplaygroundpt @evitacancro @duartedomingos
Short Synopsis: In the lead-up to a boxing match, tension fills the air as the coaching staff prepares the boxer in the locker room. The team heads towards the arena, where the anticipation is palpable amidst the dimly lit space and the roaring applause of the crowd. As the boxer readies himself in the ring, a sense of determination emanates. However, an unexpected twist occurs as the camera reveals the absence of the opponent and their team.
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