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'First Cup' - WaterAid
Anonymous Content

'First Cup' - WaterAid - Anonymous Content

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Title of Piece: 'First Cup'
Client/Brand: WaterAid
Production Company: Anonymous Content
Director(s): Elena Petitti di Roreto
Producer(s): Ella Sanderson
DoP: Giuseppe Favale
Instagram Tag: @studio__rm @jamienoble_colour
Short Synopsis: Shot in Zomba, Malawi, the 60-second hero film takes an alternative approach to fundraising by highlighting the positive impact of donations, instead of the need for them.

As the film opens, a community gathers around a tap installed by WaterAid, to celebrate the pouring of their village’s first cup of clean water. When the speaker sets down the cup, a young girl sneaks through the crowd to steal it.

Resisting the temptation to drink it herself, she carefully carries it to her elderly grandmother’s house. In a moving closing scene, she offers her grandma the village's first sip of safe water - the simple yet sacred commodity which will allow their community to thrive.
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