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Bitter Fruits (Acı Meyveler) - None - JPG
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Bitter Fruits (Acı Meyveler)

Bitter Fruits (Acı Meyveler) - - None

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Title of Piece: Bitter Fruits (Acı Meyveler)
Production Company: None
Director(s): Paula Buchta
Producer(s): Luisa Siebert
DoP: Robin Scherm
Director of Photography: Robin Scherm
Editor: Simon Hartl
Script: Paula Buchta
Colour Grading: Johan Nurmiletho
Costume Design: Valerie Specht
Music Composer: Matteo Just
Instagram Tag: @paulabchta @robin.scherm @lubidu @karl_scholten #BitterFruits
Sound Design: Martin Linka
Short Synopsis: Follow a young Turkish girl as she grapples with her identity and societal expectations. Misunderstood and unheard, she questions her existence in a world that confines her to predefined roles. Despite embracing cultural wisdom, she confronts the bitter truth of reality as she witnesses her sister's journey into womanhood. In a world devoid of promised rewards, she finds solace in the sanctuary of her body amidst the turmoil.
Extra Credit 1: Executive Producer: Karl Scholten
Extra Credit 2: Title & Credit Design: Carina Güttler
Extra Credit 3: Steadicam: Christoph Werner
Extra Credit 4: Gaffer: Dominik Haberstock
Extra Credit 5: Cast: Azra Nur Demirkan & Aysu Naz Demirkan
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