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Push it to the limit - Soldats - Renault JPG
Push it to the limit - Soldats - Renault JPG
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Push it to the limit - Renault

Push it to the limit - Renault - Soldats

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Title of Piece: Push it to the limit
Client/Brand: Renault
Production Company: Soldats
Director(s): Rodrigo Saavedra
Producer(s): Perrine Schwartz & Pierre Cazenave-Kaufman
Agency: Publicis Conseil
DoP: Benjamin Todd
Director of Photography: Benjamin Todd
Production Design: Jose Tirado Muñoz
Editor: Manuel Coutant
Creative Director: Marcelo Vergara
Copywriter: Antoine Querolle
Visual Effects: Digital District
Colour Grading: Julien Alary
Costume Design: Nuria Dura Soler
Music Composer: Start-Rec
Instagram Tag: @rodsaavedra @ @reupie_ @perrineblabla @toddy911 @antoineqrll @clementpalouzier @marcoventurelli77 @vergara310 @cohen.nelly @julienalary_color @malletdidier @renault_france
Short Synopsis: Publicis Conseil has conceived its new campaign: "Push it to the limit." These limits are the messages advertisers and brands pushed to entice consumers to buy their cars.

This new campaign features a parody of automobile advertisements from the 70s/80s/90s, when cars were considered weapons of seduction, power, and ultimate coolness. All this, not without a mischievous nod to Renault's advertisements of the time, as iconic models and scenes are presented.

The transition to the present is made through a zoom-out that reveals a sculpture made of old television screens. The new Renault Captur passes by and continues its journey to signify the past is behind it.
For this campaign with a strong artistic direction, Publicis Conseil called Soldats and its director Rodrigo Saavedra, known for his craft, attention to detail, and always innovative direction. He perfectly captured the advertising codes of three decades, through decor, styling, look, camera movement, or acting. Proud to have been awarded numerous awards for their previous Renault campaign "The Store" (Clio, OneShow, Eurobest, Ciclope, Cresta, Epica), Soldats and Rodrigo hope to make an impact with this new spot.
Extra Credit 1: Art Director : Clément Palouzier
Extra Credit 2: Line Producer : Julien Berlan
Extra Credit 3: 1st Assistant Director : Didier Mallet
Extra Credit 4: Post-Producers : Ulyssia Marchais & Gregoire Giral
Extra Credit 5: President in charge of creation: Marco Venturelli
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