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"Handjobs" - Healthy Boy Band
Self Produced


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Title of Piece: "Handjobs"
Client/Brand: Healthy Boy Band
Production Company: Self Produced
Director(s): Thomas Cervenca, Niklas Hugo
Producer(s): Thomas Cervenca, Niklas Hugo
Agency: -
DoP: Adrian Bidron
Instagram Tag: @dirsten_kunst @nxhugo @adrianbidron @marienirt @nodwavestudio @kurtmalikvfx , @piagraf___ @julien_von_schultzendorff
Short Synopsis: "Handjobs" is a film centered on the theme of hands. It serves as a promotional piece for the cooking trio, Healthy Boy Band, and their latest publication, "The Healthy Times: Issue 4," which also features hands as the primary topic.
Niklas and I brainstormed scenes that not only incorporate hands but we also wanted to venture beyond the kitchen into different settings to try out various effects and animations we had in mind.
We both love films that are fast-paced, chaotic, and intense, and I feel like we succeeded in capturing that vibe :)
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