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Boubacar - BAMF
WennDannFilm GmbH

Boubacar - BAMF - WennDannFilm GmbH

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Title of Piece: Boubacar
Client/Brand: BAMF
Production Company: WennDannFilm GmbH
Director(s): Ivetta Urozhaeva
Producer(s): Felix Mann, Ben Ulrich, Simon Bogocz
Agency: -
DoP: Jona Salcher
Director of Photography: Jona Salcher
Production Design: Tamara Aul
Editor: Simon Hartl
Script: Ivetta Urozhaeva
Colour Grading: Johan Nurmilehto
Costume Design: Marlene Jordan
Music Composer: 2WEI, Thomas Muis
Instagram Tag: @ivetta_urozhaeva, @wenndannfilm, #film_boubacar
Sound Design: Julian Berg, Marco Dahl
Short Synopsis: Boubacar Tangara, a refugee from Mali, arrives in Germany without knowing the language and uses football to unite a refugee center despite ethnic tensions. By prioritizing communication, they become a family, achieve an 80% win rate, and advance in the league. Unfortunately, Boubacar loses an important player and also a friend due to deportation, but finds the strength to continue playing together with the remaining team and uniting people.
Extra Credit 1: Boubacar: Boubacar Tangara
Extra Credit 2: Dramane: Dramane Traore
Extra Credit 3: Boubacar als Kind: Patrick Tamsir Niang Masa
Extra Credit 4: Zweites Kind: Sahir Bhatia Primalani
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