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Python - P448
Yours & Mine

Python - P448 - Yours & Mine

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Title of Piece: Python
Client/Brand: P448
Production Company: Yours & Mine
Director(s): Perry Curties
Producer(s): Elena Berra
DoP: Jeremy Aiken
Editor: Jack McCloughlin
Creative Director: Wayne Kulkin
Colour Grading: Biba Abiera
Music Composer: Oliver Gale
Instagram Tag: @perrycurties @p448 @jack.harlin @elenaberra @oliver_m_gale @
Sound Design: Oliver Gale
Short Synopsis: A short documentary exploring the invasive python problem in the Florida Everglades for P448, a brand working with licensed python extraction specialists to find a sustainable solution to the issue.
Extra Credit 1: Location Sound: Dan Abrsuci
Extra Credit 2: B Camera: Zule Choudhary
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