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SUN - - Decaf.Media

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Title of Piece: SUN
Production Company: Decaf.Media
Director(s): Valentina Khodnevich
Producer(s): Valentina Khodnevich, Ruben Vos
DoP: Marti Guiver
Director of Photography: Marti Guiver
Production Design: Sonya Bleiph
Editor: Luying Dong
Creative Director: Hung-Jui Tsao
Colour Grading: Nick Dalby
Music Composer: Shota Gosgisvanidze
Instagram Tag: @khd_valentina @2play_____ @decafmedia @rubenjoakimvos @hungjuitsao @matriguiver @___shota_ @hannahpjoseph @spikeking @donguh @Nicholas_paul_dalby @bleiph @louise_bsle
Sound Design: Ben Gunstone
Short Synopsis: The dance film celebrates the routines of human life, where the quality of light dictates the quality of life. We explore the comparison between sunlight and electric light, following the idea that the introduction of artificial light into modern human life may affect our routines.

Through dance, we portray the human experience as a cyclical journey, where the protagonist relives the same day repeatedly. The choreography incorporates mechanical movements inspired by the ordinary tasks of daily life, such as brewing morning coffee or brushing teeth, while different environments in the film create special context to each set of movements.
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