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Flatten Hills - Ciclopes

Flatten Hills - Ciclopes - el-Hey

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Title of Piece: Flatten Hills
Client/Brand: Ciclopes
Production Company: el-Hey
Director(s): Marco Espirito Santo
Producer(s): Miguel Coimbra / InĂªs Santos
Agency: Graficalismo
DoP: William Sossai
Instagram Tag: @marcoespiritosanto @el_hey_films @ciclopes_achatacolinas @williamsossai @graficalismo_studio #flatten_hills
Short Synopsis: A promo film for Ciclopes, a city-wide community project in Lisbon, Portugal which supports underprivileged youths' mobility through a network of bicycle hubs. It empowers kids and gives them a sense of freedom, equality, and respect - basic human rights which it seems are more important than ever to fight for.
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