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A Muse Me - Arena Homme Plus

A Muse Me - Arena Homme Plus -

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Title of Piece: A Muse Me
Client/Brand: Arena Homme Plus
Director(s): Timur Celikdag
Producer(s): Noir Productions
Instagram Tag: @timur_celikdag
Short Synopsis: A Muse Me: A short film by Timur Celikdag (after ‘Love is the Devil: Study of a portrait of Francis Bacon (1998) by John Maybury)
We observe through the intense imagination of an artist the transformation of a simple young man into an object of obsession, the making a Muse, and in so doing explore ideas of desire, possession, objectification, manipulation, coercion and control.
During this metamorphosis we bare witness to our Muse’s awakening as he grows in confidence and self awareness, shedding his innocence and discovering his own influence and control over the artist…tables turn, power dynamics shift, a symbiosis emerges.
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