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Respirar - - WhispernotAgency

Official Selection

Title of Piece: Respirar
Production Company: WhispernotAgency
Director(s): Camila Pineda
Producer(s): Ana Gago Merino
Agency: Whisper Not
Client: Onamafalda
Director of Photography: Pepe Baronet
Production Design: Ana Merino
Editor: Ambigua
Creative Director: Camila Pineda
Script: Lucas Sogas
Colour Grading: Manuel G. Romero
Costume Design: Cortana Official Brand
Music Composer: Mafalda
Instagram Tag: @kmipv Director @Anagagomerino producer singer @Onamafalda @ elbaron cinematographer, @WhispernotAgency full credits on IG#Respirar
Props Stylist: Maia (Cuandoestamosbien)
Short Synopsis: Artistic Installation that shapes the new Onamafalda album, we got in touch with several artists to create the set design and that everything had cohesion with the chosen aesthetic. Mafalda wanted something visual and intimate to publicize her new album and we chose a very large white space to decorate it with an impeccable set design and with a cast steel triangle donated by the duo Lolo and Sosaku by their trusted blacksmith Cisco Nieto. A lake with cement plates and two crystals that simulate water. It's a new way to spice up today's live sessions. Breathing is an ode to freedom and hope at the end of the tunnel.
Extra Credit 1: Curator of Triangle piece: LoloySosaku
Extra Credit 2: Art directon : Mónica Machín
Extra Credit 3: 1AC : Josep Espinoza
Extra Credit 4: GAFFER: Marc Carrasco
Extra Credit 5: Steady CAM: Pau Rodríguez B.
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