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Ahibak - - i.a creative house


Title of Piece: Ahibak
Production Company: i.a creative house
Director(s): Ilan Azoulay
Producer(s): Ilan Azoulay
Client: Jonny greenwood (Radiohead) & Dudu Tassa
Instagram Tag: @ilanazoulay
Short Synopsis: AHIBAK will be illustrated by a story based on themes like
family and accomplishment.

LOG LINE: This is the story of a mother, who tries to hide her secret passion to her father. Through her journey with her only child, we will discover the city of Morocco. A city rich in colors, movements and history. This journey will lead us to Nadia's passion for tbourida. A traditional horse sport not usually practice by woman.
NADIA (30s) is the mother. She has a strong and tonic
character with a powerful desire to get herself free from
the traditional cliche gender and her father's authority.
DAOUD (7) is the only child of Nadia. Small and curious for
his age, he represents the childhood dream often abandoned.
NAZIR (60s) is the typical Moroccan Grandfather committed to
his tradition. Old school but sensitive and sincere.
TRADITION vs MODERNITY. We all have a strong desire to accomplish our dreams by leading the life we want, this is the spirit of NADIA...she wants to ride horses (Tbourida) against the will of her dad. NADIA represents modernity against his father NAZIR who represents tradition.
FAMILY. Familial support is something that everyone look for. Through this clip, we will see that passion and dreams can rip us apart. Family can express disagreements with our hobbies by not showing support, which creates conflict.
INNER CHILD. We all have a child's soul deep inside us.
DAOUD represents NADIA's child voice, a woman with a strong
desire to overcome the barriers and the limits. DAOUD is the
allegory of belief and hope in a morose adult world.
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